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We strive to be integral and indispensable to our communities, and we invite you to help. Below, you will learn about some of the great things DPR employees accomplished throughout 2019, discover the organizations that are making an impact and find resources to help you get involved in changing our world.


Global Sustainability Group Launch

Being “green” is no longer novel. Building sustainable structures is simply the right thing to do—right for the environment and right for business. With the launch of the Global Sustainability Group, DPR hopes to:

  • Provide resources to better advise customers on achieving their sustainability goals and executing in the field.
  • Support more sustainable operations in both offices and on jobsites. We want to instill sustainability in our culture and collect data to show how we perform.

Some of the community initiative groups we partner with don’t have as many opportunities for personal learning and growth and we enjoy offering our learning programs to their teams.

Lindsey Uhthoff_alt-1

Lindsey Uhthoff Northeast

Building Great People

Throughout 2019, DPR offered Crucial Conversations and other “soft skills” trainings to community organizations to help strengthen their operational capacity. 

In February, volunteers in Baltimore worked with St. Francis Neighborhood Center to provide the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality inventory test to 15 employees.

Also in 2019, volunteers lead a DiSC training at Second Story in Washington, D.C. This leading personal assessment tool is designed to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. 


International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, we asked employees, “What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?” and “How do you feel that your unique attributes, traits, characteristics, skills, experience and background are celebrated or valued at DPR?"

We received answers from all genders, positions and regions of the company; all were insightful and painted a promising picture of how a more diverse and inclusive world can flourish.

Diversity at DPR


Cassandra Dennis


"Diversity and inclusion means welcoming an array of different ideas and experiences all viewed through a prism of humanity's differently talented, educated and culturally varied backgrounds." 

womans day_george

George Pfeffer


"[At DPR,] my future is not pre-determined by my past. I have the ability to grow and change, and my opportunities reflect more of what I am capable of in the present. Every new day is a new present and a new potential opportunity based mostly on how I am in the present."

Lina womans-final

Lina Nageondelestang


"To me, diversity is different backgrounds, skin colors, gender, heritage and ways of thinking, and inclusion means it still feels like we are a family regardless of that diversity."

womans day_katie

Katie Stewart


"Diversity and inclusion means having a seat at the table based on your abilities and not what you look like, where you're from, or what you do on the weekends."

kelley womans final 3

Kelley Radtke


"Not once have I felt that I was being held back in anything that I set my mind to accomplish—in fact, quite the opposite. I have been encouraged to 'Lean In' and have always had full support from my leaders to grow and develop my path and future with DPR."


Sandra Feuti


"The industry has changed considerably over my 40 year career, but DPR has been and continues to be the most diverse and accepting company I have ever worked for. I truly feel valued and respected at DPR and I'm proud to say I work for them."

womans day_damian

Damian Farr


"I feel that I can be entirely myself and authentic, whilst my skills and experiences are valued, and I feel challenged and fulfilled professionally."


Rebuilding for a Better Future

DPR’s Women Who Build in the Bay Area participated in the third annual SHEBUILDS event in San Francisco. SHEBUILDS showcases the ability of women in construction and design industries to assist and empower other women from their own backyard.

Together, the all-female group completed a full day of hands-on work and repairs at the Oakes Children’s Center, a nonprofit school that serves over 200 students who require an alternative, resource-intensive learning environment.


ENR's Groundbreaking Women In Construction

Thirty DPR women gathered to join over 750 women and champions of women at ENR's Groundbreaking Women in Construction conference in San Francisco.

DPR panelists, Lucy Villanueva and Jennifer Miles, inspired audiences with their candor and sharing of experiences, and we left with more tools to continue advancing women in the industry.

"However you get a seat at the table [of decision making], the fact that you're there, make something of it."


Lucy Villanueva Southwest

"Win as a team and fail as a team. It doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from, so don’t let that mentality hold you back from communicating and collaborating."


Jennifer Miles Southeast



Students Take the Field

Now in its third year, DPR’s Build Up internship program brought 23 high-achieving, STEM-leaning high school students to the front lines of construction during the summer of 2019. The students, many of whom will be the first in their families to attend college, gained valuable work experience.


Reston Takes the Win!

DPR's office in Reston, VA, took home Innovative Project of the Year—Health and Wellness in the Built Environment and Innovative Project of the Year—Interior Construction at the U.S. Green Building Council's annual green building event, A Midsummer Night’s Green.

Learn more about the award-winning project in the case study.

HDPhoto_161105_05b_FS (3)

Timber Meets Sacramento Building

The Sacramento office incorporated a material never before used for a building’s structure in the city: mass timber with cross-laminated timber panels. A renewable resource, mass timber can be an integral part of a low-carbon development. For this project, it was vital for sustainable design, as well as achieving LEED® Platinum and WELLTM certification standards.

A Move to Austin's East Side

DPR's new Austin office is slated to be the first WELL-certified office in the city while also pursuing Net-Zero Energy certification. It proudly reflects DPR’s self-perform work culture and values, as well as the personality of Austin.


Annual Service September

Every September, DPR challenges each of its local business units to participate in at least one construction volunteer project. Projects are focused on facility construction and renovation for organizations that serve under-resourced families in the communities where we work.

A few 2019 events included:

  • In Seattle, DPR volunteers came together at Mary’s Place to complete a long list of interior renovation projects for the facility dedicated to women and children moving on from homelessness.
  • The Bay Area group worked with CORA to create a private and welcoming space where it can take in families who are transitioning out of abusive environments.
  • In Frankfurt, Germany, DPR's Europe team worked with SOS Children's Village to rebuild a Kindergarten play area, making it safer for the kids to have fun. 

A Home for the Home Builders

In Loudoun County, VA, a conversation about design advice for an underutilized space grew into an office remodel for the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.

Thanks to a collaboration with other industry and local business partners, volunteers were able to give to an organization that gives to so many. 


All For One, One For All

Research has shown the benefits of having a more diverse and inclusive workforce, but what are the steps to getting there?

In AGCVA's November publication, DPR Diversity and Inclusion expert Sharon Rheinhart, who is based out of the Richmond, VA, office, shares some concrete ways to increase D&I awareness in your workplace.

"You may be at a place where you're asking yourself where or how to start. Begin within your company or organization (including friends and family) by paying attention to who's NOT in the room. In other words, who's missing? Then, intentionally seek out ways to do something about it."

AtLarge_Sharon_Rheinhart (1)

Sharon Rheinhart Northeast


"The holidays have always been about believing in something bigger than yourself. At DPR, we have the opportunity to create an environment and operate in a manner that truly reinforces our unwavering respect for the individual and desire to change the world in positive and meaningful ways."

headshot-cariwilliams (1)-2

Cari Williams Global Social Responsibility

Looking Towards to the Future

Heading into 2020, we are committed to being integral and indispensable to our communities. To achieve our goals, we know we need to look beyond our own organization and use our collective influence to engage others. Working together, we can make make a difference and lasting impact.  

Artboard 15-4


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive world is one where everyone feels a sense of belonging. At DPR, we strive to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment and build an organization that integrates diversity of thought, experience and perspective into everything we do. 

See below for research, tools & solutions, corporate partnerships and news:



Sustainable building and living practices present opportunities to transform our world into a place where every community can thrive for generations. At DPR, we are committed to the perpetual evolution of our practices for the development of a more sustainable future.

Below are organizations that DPR partners with to take care of our planet: 

For research and ways you can affect change, check out the organizations below: 



DPR’s philanthropic vision is to "build possibilities for the under-resourced" in our communities. We implement this through financial donations and volunteering focused on our areas of expertise.

Below are a few of DPR’s partner organizations who bring this vision to life:

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