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Building the World Around You

A building is more than just a place with people in it. Across industries—whether it’s where you work, where you bank, or where you stay—the built environment can inspire creativity, security and comfort.

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Commercial Core Market

Efficiency and Collaboration

Partnering with small businesses and global enterprises alike, DPR Construction provides the knowledge, collaboration and service necessary to complete even the most demanding projects.

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Corporate office

Project Experience


Our intense attention-to-detail, vast experience and ability to work in occupied spaces ensure that all elements come together for optimal quality, performance and speed to market.


Corporate Campus

Greenfield site expansions and renovations are our specialty


Financial Institutions

We've worked with a number of confidential financial clients



From retail to restaurants, we specialize in all types of projects



We’ve got a team of high-rise experts ready for you

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Builders at our Core

"We have two more phases to go. It’s been a long journey, and I personally thank you for your commitment and dedication. It’s obvious, but this team has certainly “owned it’s tomorrow” by taking charge and getting it done...there were many involved on this effort both front and center and behind the scenes. "


Mark Neuenschwander

Managing Director, Corporate Real Estate

"DPR’s broad experience and cutting edge approach to corporate office, campus,and hospitality projects dovetail exceptionally well with the nature of our campus. DPR’s strong working relationship with Gensler helps ensure that our design vision is executed with the highest quality and greatest attention to detail."


Bill Fleming

Head of Construction

"This was by far the smoothest move that I have been part of. Not only is the office space impeccable (paint, trim, floor, lighting, technology, refrigerators, ice machines, etc.), but by having you here first thing in the morning to answer questions and address concerns helped make the ‘landing’ as smooth as possible. Thank you for the long hours to get us to this point." 


Jason Miskovsky


Meet the Team

Even the most seemingly straightforward project an quickly become
a challenge without the right team in place for the job

Bryan is a 19-year veteran of the construction industry, with a range of experience ranging from field engineer, estimator, manager, to developer and builder, primarily for the commercial market.

Bryan Kent

Andrea Weisheimer Headshot

Using her wealth of experience in developing and managing high performance teams, Andrea will be accountable for the overall success of each team member as well as the project.

Andrea Weisheimer

JR Russell Resume

JR has 45 years of experience and lessons learned over a highly successful career, and will be accountable for project completion, quality, safety, and schedule.

JR Russell

Brandon Murphy_V3

Brandon has 27 years of experience and will serve as the liaison between the Owner, the design team and DPR, providing leadership and support for the entire team.

Brandon Murphy

Case Study

Brand New Workday HQ

Fast-growing enterprise software company Workday, Inc. celebrated the completion of its new 410,000-sq.-ft., corporate headquarters in Pleasanton, CA this spring.


Connecting to community

Located just steps from the West Dublin/Pleasanton BART station, the architecturally striking, six-story structure ranks as the tallest office building in Pleasanton. It will house some 2,200 Workday employees by August, mostly from the company’s product and technology team.

Ready to Build?

DPR’s purpose is: We Exist to Build Great Things.® It’s that simple. We are a company of builders building great teams, great relationships, great programs and great projects throughout the world. 


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